Small Town Chances

black and white portrait of the singer Kati Camara by Frizztext

Every year we have a summer music festival in our town. And because it is a small town, it’s a double fun for me: I met many of the musicians during the year in other situations: (1) When they took an airplane to travel to the next performance – or are playing for a party of the fire-fighters = Kati Camara (black and white portrait) and Lutz Potthoff.

(2) Or when they are making jokes about me old man, carrying my guitar on my back uphill (Pamela Falcon). Getting nervous during giving to me a guitar lesson (Lutz Deterra), because on the TV screen in my back (I at first didn’t notice that) the CNN breaking news came in about an earthquake with Tsunami in Japan. (No one heard of Fukushima in the first hours.) Listen to the first video below: the Pamela Falcon Band performing a great song of Paul Simon.

(3) Or solo artist Mike Houston (not the brother of Whitney Houston): We heard him sing during a wedding party of friends, made a small talk about his new number one hit in Belgium, begged him, to give a friend of us a chance, who always has his blues harp in his pocket (listen to the second video: a short KANSAS CITY BLUES fragment).

(4) A chance to enjoy (beside the music) all those little small talk bites: My wife Barbara, complaining about me, I would direct her life like a teacher, – she got the answer by the wife of another musician: “I know. But my husband is even worse than a teacher: He’s a kind of a commander. And I am his little army!” And then she carried the guitar amp to the car – with the left hand. On the right hand: the dog, begging for some sausage.

above: my portrait of the singer Kati Camara (Lutz Potthoff Band)
listen to the video clips I’ve made from other music acts on the same day:
Pamela Falcon Band
“You can call me Al” – Paul Simon

Mike Houston and interaction with street audience (Armin with the harp)

members of the Pamela Falcon Band, rocking the stage … / photo by Frizztext

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