Ruined Silence

Marek Zyga
photo via by Frizztext
I like silence – there’s something like silence or solitude, meditation or concentration needed for creativity. Recently, visiting a friend, I discovered a new sculpture in his living room. I noticed there is a message. I asked for the name of the artist: Marek Zyga. I asked for the title. No answer. Now I’m searching for a title, but (I’m German) it is not easy to say it in English. Made some trial and errors this morning like: The penetrated ear? The perforated ear? The perforated / penetrated mind? Passing through? Filtered through? Informations running from one end to the other? Informations boring through? Penetrating informations? Media world, penetrating our minds? Music, penetrating our souls? Music everywhere, perforating our emotions? What do you think? Could you help me? Suggestions?

more about the Polish artist:

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