Death in the North Sea

Death in the North Sea
Late in the evening a rescue team appeared at the shore of the North Sea.
In a distance of 200 meters from shore a man was swimming alone since an hour.
When the boat of the rescue team reached him, he struggled against them
and talking to them they changed their mind too and started to search in the water for something he was missing.
Hectic. Panic. Two life guard swimmers grabbed the exhausted man and brought him to the shore.
Emergency docs helped the crying man. The boat continued the search for a while.
What was he missing? His friend, girl friend, maybe baby?
My daughter made a photo with baby shoes in the sand.
Hemingway once wrote a super short story:
“For sale:
baby shoes,
never worn.”
writing goal in the POSTADAY-community of wordpress:
What story can you write in six words?
“All good books have one thing in common
– they are truer than if they had really happened.”
Ernest Hemingway

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