Sweet Georgia Brown

“Sweet Georgia Brown” is an old blues / US forties’ swing / jazz / country / bluegrass and European Gypsy standard: always an amusing challenge because it has some speed! So even I tried myself, supported by a brave tractor friend and a Swedish flat-picking guitarist, to upload a version:

some YouTube examples, introducing different music styles:
2 – Kai Heumann and Mike Reinhardt, Gypsy Swing:

3 – Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington orchestra

4 – Steve Caddick & Nathan Hanna with Avalon New England Jazz BanjoFest at the DoubleTree Hilton in Bedford, MA on 9/15/12

5 – Bjorn Thoroddsen and Tommy Emmanuel

6 – Django Reinhardt NYC Festival 2004

7 – Swedish version “med traktorkomp” uploaded by janakeragnar views (till now:) 2,114,591

8 – Oscar Peterson Trio

below: a link to my top ten jam sessions:

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