PhotoFunia: FrizzGuitar

In my dreams I play guitar in the band of Luzz on a Broadway musical:

PhotoFunia-frizzguitar by Frizztext
PhotoFunia-frizzguitar, a photo by Frizztext on Flickr.

Erdogan is hanging as a large poster in Ankara and Istanbul from big buildings – in North Korea we have the same with another despot. PhotoFunia now helps to blow up YOUR ego! Check out the online software. Three steps and you are famous! What a pity that it is only a road to fakes…

the comments at flickr to this photo (Akbar Simonse: “I see the police already installed a mobile command post…”) made me write down the feedback: “notice the white police car, they tried to catch me – but I escaped, using the black stretched limousine…”
another sinner:
NY, security routine

do you like another mood? Maybe this:

hear lonesome me, without any friends, fingerpicking my e-guitar:

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