Female Picasso In Ecuador

I discovered a kind of female Picasso (or Hundertwasser) in Ecuador: Lisa Brunetti / “Zeebra”, US citizen, – she found an inspiring house with river view in Ecuador. After visiting native tribes she developed a special, colorful ornamental art for ceramics, paintings – and carpets. Watch the video below, featuring her work, friends and river-house:



[ H ] Friedensreich Hundertwasser - The Promis...

[ H ] Friedensreich Hundertwasser – The Promise of Berlin (1965) (Photo credit: Cea.)

in Spain they have their Pablo Picasso, in Germany (and Austria) we have our Friedensreich Hundertwasser, something of his art I discovered in Lisa Brunetti’s works: colorful spirals (his manifest: no straight lines, only curves – a rule, first for paintings, then organized as architecture too):
Hundertwasser Haus

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