we can’t hunt for ideas, to have one. we will not find any idea with such a method. the ideas find us! said by? Nietzsche, Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher. my personal methods: my home is my castle. aim: to make my home comfortable. problem: when I leave my home to be in other cities, I have the fear that I can’t find any idea no more. but, surprise: they still find me. must be there millions on the road.
helicopter below
photo above: by frizztext, sitting in a BOEING 727, looking down to a helicopter
P.S.: I had a flight today from Duesseldorf to Munich – therefore: I am not at home no more. maybe today I am not writing out of my own.
not a problem for Yann Arthus-Bertrand. when he is not at home but on the road – better: in the air – he has a lot of ideas. watch his famous video. maybe we can learn from him, to have ideas, though not being at home?

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