C’est si bon

“C’est si bon” – recorded by Louis Armstrong, 1949; words & music by Andre Hornez & Henry Betti, English lyric by Jerry Seelen: Still it’s heart touching, when Louis Armstrong (R.I.P.) sings for us on youtube: “C’est si bon – lovers say that in France – when they thrill to romance – it means: it’s so good…” Yves Montand, Eartha Kitt or Mireille Mathieu also made a version, but I prefer (because I like to play Gypsy style swing guitar) the A minor versions (good for guitar players) of Joscho Stephan or “Hot Swing” or “Café Caravan” – enjoy the youtube versions below – soon maybe I’ll upload my own guitar instrumental version … Bm Bbm Am D G …
1) hot swing

2) cafe caravan

3) joscho stephan

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