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Message: times are a-changing
Topic: Messerschmitt
Style: water-colored drawing

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P.S.: Messerschmitt invented the first jet (ME 262 “Swallow” in WW II); after 1945 they were not allowed to produce airplanes anymore, so they constructed a micro car for poor people after the war. Actually Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (transformed since 2000 to EADS making the Eurofighter Typhoon) exports military technology world wide with increasing success: I’m not feeling well watching such an escalation…


click on the following three photos to enter the galleries of the photographers: 1 Bill Word / 2 Bogdan Florea / 3 Ben Steventon:

Messerschmitt  Me262 B-1C Swallow N262AZ Collins Foundation c

Messerschmitt Micro Car

Eurofighter Typhoon ZJ814 - Mach Loop - 24/09/13

compare the ranking of my sketchbook drawings:


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