Blurb Book Project

I have to say a "thank you" to many bloggers, 
who joined my "A to Z" story challenges.
They helped me to bring the focus to words - 
putting music or photography on positions two and three.
Because it is too difficult to get all the permissions 
for photos published in a printed version,
I decided to put only text into the book - 
if you want to see some photos
you must skip to
The BLOG-book project is scheduled for 100 pages, 
but actually only pages 1 to 15 (A to H) are filled 
- the rest is empty - so don't buy it, 
only if you want to fill the pages i to z with own ideas! 
You can use my blurb book preview like an e-book for free -
maybe as an inspiration for you to make it similar 
- or much better. If you have some ideas for the 
letters i to z: tell me, if you have time ...

compare my e-book version (my first! for free …)

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