the OCCUPY movement spread from Madrid to New York – and yesterday, October 15th 2011 it became global: in 80 countries / 950 cities protesters joined. In my country, Germany: Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne. Rome was actually the European city with the most rough riots.
Occupy Rome
thanks / mille grazie for the photo by Parla Food / Katie Parla – sent to my group BLOG IT!
frizz-comment: Maybe it is better to spread arguments, not fire. Something like the Arabian youth revolt in Europe versus the financial crisis? I hope arguments will lead the politicians to control the bank systems, a capitalism without any moral. Politicians must put an end to the process, which makes a few human beings very rich and 70% of a population poor. 70? 98? 52%?

me and my daughter performing: “I need a dollar”

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