girls and their dolls

I was amused, when I discovered the portrait of a black girl with a white doll. Eric Lafforgue shot this Muhacaona ( Mucawana) tribe girl in an African desert with no shops around, he commented: “…perhaps some tourists gave her the doll … the funny thing: she has made dreadlocks on the blue-eyed doll, to make her look like herself!” Frizz: there is a tension, but what kind of tension? Please read more below the picture…

The Muhacaona doll - Angola
photo by © Eric Lafforgue, sent to my group BLOG IT – click on the picture to enter his galleries on or visit his website at
Another month I came back to the same topic with a different point of view: The Polish photographer Ilona Szwarc, she made series with the title “American Dolls” – visit – and she asked herself, if those dolls, imitating their owners, would not play a “crucial role at the time when the girls are forming their identities…” – I followed the discussion published by the New York Times growing-up-in-america – and indeed the readers there sharpened the interpretation. We can read there terms as “narcissistic”, “extension of their parents”, “next generation of self-absorbed, shallow mindless women” – do you have an opinion to this topic?
my two daughters, white, loved dolls with African American skin, hairstyle and outfit (they like to listen soul and blues music now, aged 40)…
my comment, sent to the New York Times:
it’s better to play with a dog to have interaction, communication, dialogues than to get fixed in one’s own selfish mirror. Identity is something going forward, not fenced in …

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