Dissatisfied Blues

Dissatisfied Blues
photo by Frizztext – compare my article at https://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/special-photo-challenge-inspiration/
I once heard from Brownie McGhee the DISSATISFIED BLUES.
you’re dis-
E – satisfied pretty
H – baby
H-Bb-A so I feel to-
A – day. I’m gonna
E – pack my suitcase
H – and make my
A – get-a-
E way A E H
Lord I’m troubled, I’m all
worried H-Bb-A in my mind.
And I’ll
never never be satisfied,
just can’t
keep from crying.
And it’s getting late over in
the evening H-Bb-A I feel like
blowing my
horn, well I
woke up this morning,
found my little baby gone
late up in the
evening H-Bb-A man I feel
like blowin my
horn, well I
woke up this morning
found my baby gone.
we played it on a
sofa H-Bb-A and we played it
side the
wall but my needles have gone
rusty, babe,
and it will not play at all.

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