Leaders without ethics

Prayer photo by karmark sent to BLOG IT!

We have to compare the ethic (or non-ethic) of the political leaders in Tunisia and Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen, Libya and Syria. After all those street fights, population vs. government, government vs. population, we could notice, in this Arab conflict between religion and politics, between arrogance of power in the golden palaces vs. the enthusiastic cry for liberty of the crowds in the mosques: It would be good, if all (especially the comfortable situated leaders) would act with dignity, on a certain civilized level of ethic. But they too often do not …

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Flag of Syria

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Flag of Syria, as a tribute to all those who protest on the streets against a cruel government, sending killers vs. the own population – and blocking all information paths, for example handy-phone-networks. The world is not allowed to watch and comment those cynical oppression …

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