tree and thought structures

When I’m thinking or talking, writing alone or publishing: then I’m always feeling like expanding, growing like a tree. The structures reaching to the sky, created by a tree – so are thoughts floating into the great white open of a new. Recently an experiment surprised me: tree-structures mirrored help to focus on the expanding process of those plants – maybe a God hides behind those plans – or simply mathematics vs. gravity. Maybe thoughts are maths vs. the gravity of the old world “before”, trying to create a new world “after” thinking and supervising …
click on the following pictures [sent to my group BLOG IT] to enter the galleries of the different photographers!
1 untitled photo by “dear caffeine”
2 “My Favourite Tree – Winter” by TrishaR16
My Favourite Tree - Winter
3 “Táj – Landscape” by Adam Tomkó
Táj - Landscape
4 “Valley Forge park in snow – The lone tree” by Erik Anestad
Valley Forge park in snow - The lone tree
5 “When I’m Alone I listen To The Sea” by AleQuero
When I'm Alone I listen To The Sea
6 “A Tree On Its Own” by
A Tree On Its Own
7 “Wooden House” by Dariusz Klimczak
Wooden House
8 “Oak in the mist”: EXPLORED! by tina negus
Oak in the mist: EXPLORED!
9 “The trail” by Sprengstoff72
The trail
10 – related:
11 – myself …
12 – myself with an archive of thoughts …
wood & steel

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