Ukraine and Russian soldiers

I got a mail from Ukraine describing social care for Russian soldiers: “…The soldiers who were wounded or even simply who took part in the military actions and their families and the families those who were killed must have a strong financial help from the State including getting flats for free, many social donations etc. according to the Laws. But they get NOTHING. Moreover, Putin writes in their documents that they died from insults or infarcts, they NEVER TOOK PART in the war etc. He brought to the eastern Ukraine mobile crematories – his known humanitarian convoy is nothing other than new soldiers, weapons and mobile crematories to burn killed Russian soldiers and then to say to their mothers that they were missing. Just not to pay…” etc. [They are unknown because they have the tactic not to own any documents in their pockets…]
Kiev grandeur
photo (not the report about Russian soldiers) by Vladimir Dimitroff, title=”Kiev grandeur”, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!
P.S. (by frizztext):
Every country has its monuments built in the spirit of grandiosity. I wrote many essays about FRANZ KAFKA: He very early anticipated the modern conditions: inhuman administrations, the individuals left alone with not much support if they are ill or wounded; modern soldiers often are in a double sided war: against the enemies with weapons – and on the other hand vs. the cynicism of the own administration – in the end the governments won’t be responsible for what they inspired their uneducated simple soldiers: not much difference between Russia or ISIS, even in the USA traumatized veterans (PTSD = post traumatic stress disorder) have not enough health care (not to mention Hitler who sent his own country to hell as well as millions of innocent other human beings).
Harmony Centre. Tbilisi
title=”Harmony Centre. Tbilisi” – photo by Krzysztof Wierzbicki, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! Click on the picture to enter his galleries and read more about the old people in Tbilisi in Georgia.

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