Thatcher funeral – pomp and capitalism

The Iron Lady is still dividing the British society. The high society in the church made their tributes, not only to Mrs. Thatcher, also to the conservative message, actually splitting Europe into rich (many no-tax payers) and poor (all tax payers). On the streets there were many protesters in the UK, some demolished the letters at cinemas, featuring the latest movie about the Iron Lady. The Iron Lady was a very bad role model for many European politicians. On the bureau desk of German Iron chancellor Angela Merkel is a Thatcher portrait. I was amused by the short resume of the British photographer Charlie Colmer (below), he sub-titled his shot: “pomp and capitalism”
a bit of a do - 1
title=”a bit of a do – 1″ – photo by charlie colmer, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

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