Chancellor Angela Merkel, CDU, Germany: not tough, but a real unfair beast vs. autonomic thinkers. She’s always collecting devote persons for her teams.

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. She certainly organizes some things correct. But others very wrong. Most intolerable is the almost talking doll-like repetitive acting, always the same cunning statements. Everything in unnatural, rehearsed stiff gestures. A boss facade. No longer able to authentic communication. And hiring dubious persons for her teams: zu Guttenberg, Wulff, Schavan!
Nevаlashka or Hеваляшка - Vanka-vstanka / Russian roly-poly toy - Babadu - Dippedidu - Duikelaar - Tumbler
photo by frizztext

English: German Chancelor Dr. Angela Merkel De...

English: German Chancelor Dr. Angela Merkel Deutsch: Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel beim Deutschlandtag 2008 der Jungen Union in Rust (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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