For The Coal Miners In Turkey

Dedicated to the poor coal miners in Turkey; it’s not an easy job, especially if the administration don’t care enough about the safety of the workers; 1947 Merle Travis put the focus on their job with his ballad “Sixteen Tons”; in Turkey, China and South America the conditions are still bad. Here my simple guitar tribute to the latest coal miners’ tragedy.

There is a right to ask who is responsible for the death of 300 coal miners. And it is not O.K. that the police acts without respect and with violence vs. the people who demonstrate on the streets. Recently human rights watch organisations criticized that the police in Spain, Italy and Turkey is far away from being correct during demonstrations.
1) Mine disaster in Soma, teargas vs. protesters:
2) the social background in USA was very bad in the thirties:
3) situation in Turkey under PM Erdogan (who sometimes blocks twitter and facebook):

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