The Sensational Nightingales

“God’s Word Will Never Pass Away” – featuring Julius Cheeks – Sensational Nightingales (Peacock 1721) P 1953 (Julius Cheeks-Don Robey) Chappell-Morris Ltd/Universal/MCA Music Ltd

1953, I was aged 8 then, my interest for music began one night, when I heard on a Dutch radio channel (Hilversum) “The Sensational Nightingales” with “Never Pass Away”: I was electrified by the lead singer – and the choir always repeating NEVER PASS AWAY. This kind of music has never passed away in my life. I learned to play guitar, was a lead singer of a gospel choir in my youth (1963) – and never stopped to play guitar. I tried to perform one of their songs (BOW DOWN BEFORE GOD) for my soundcloud in my fingerstyle guitar Mississippi Delta picking style …

Mississippi Delta Frizz (Selfportrait)

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