One of my daughters has her 38th birthday today – and she has two sons in the meantime for herself. So giving birth is going on and on – and everyone knows that it is sometimes not easy to care for children – but we all (on every continent) are proud, if we managed all things! Recently I found in the New York Times a fine gallery with photos related to the topic BIRTH, for example 4 mothers with newborns!
1100g Now
title=”1100g Now” – photo by love_child_kyoto, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr
my wife, 38 years ago, nearly died, giving birth to my daughter; my own mother, 68 years ago, immediately gave me into an orphanage and left me; it took 40 years for me to find her – and all the other births in Africa, Asia, America – in times of wars or even in peace: not always easy. Actually in Germany both parents have to work for the income – and the kids spend their childhood in the kindergarten, not at home, as 50 years ago, with a mother caring for them …

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