Strolling Through Nonsense


Strolling through a big city like BERLIN one can discover much nonsense. Some merry-go-rounds, domes, silly persons, trying to offer me alcohol (poisoned as I read the day after in the local newspapers). Basic emotions appear with merry-go-rounds and churches, alcohol or the often heard loudspeaker news in a train or a subway, that there is a stop on the track, because someone made suicide again. Reading the FAQ / frequently asked questions of my website intern search machine: there are basic emotions to discover too. CHARCOAL GRILL appears very often. It’s a keyword out of an article I once (March 17) wrote about suicide. NUDE is searched for very often as well, because I once (Dec 30, 2010) asked in a post the question: “Which of both portraits would you prefer in a photo exhibition?” Strolling through the world wide web I discovered yesterday the female photographer VIVIAN MAIER. She managed to feature some basic emotions in an unforgettable way!


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