Novosibirsk – Valery Titievsky

+35 °C in summer, in winter −35 °C, always wet – heavy snowfall in winter, raining cats and dogs in summer: to live in Novosibirsk seems to be not funny. But that’s wrong. As I discovered the black and white photo collection of Valery Titievsky, a Russian version of Henri Cartier-Bresson, I saw human beings enjoying their life: lovers in a big summer rain, bold street walkers through mountains of snow. Maybe the population once had to suffer under the oppression organized by Stalin: Times they are a-changing. People in Novosibirsk have their headphones, are using a subway, love horses or dogs, Apple PC’s, their opera or simply the river Ob…
Frost & cold+Girl
Theatre+Street life - Snowfall
Summer rain+Street life
Civil Defense in school+Summer rain

Girls & Mac
title=”Girls & Mac” by Valery Titievsky, on Flickr
Rehearsal military parade
title=”Rehearsal military parade” by Valery Titievsky, on Flickr

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