Loriot 1923-2011

Herr Müller-Lüdenscheid
photo by Werner Schnell
LORIOT = Victor von Buelow (1923 – 2011) was soothed by symmetry – and cartoons …

symmetry to lean onRed Cat Blue
LORIOT knew, sometimes, in this chaotic world, we need some symmetry to lean on…
for example, cats like to pose with a good feeling for symmetry: our kitchen-cats Emilyx2, ignoring the hard little chairs (red & blue) sold by IKEA, choosing two of the good old Spanish versions of kid’s comfort…
Loriot had two dogs, (two tables, two vases, two chairs etc.) I only have 1 cat, mirrored. But similar to him I could say:
“It is possible to have a life without any cats, but it is not wise at all!”

Loriot’s German Grandfather, enjoying Christmas Evening:

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