New Orleans Heat

Originally uploaded by Tom McFarlane
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After hurricane Katrina the city of New Orleans came into my mind instantly and I asked myself, what sort of power gives this region such an energy-loaded cultural identity. This photography of Tom McFarlane is for me like a tribute to New Orleans – I don’t know why. I’ve never been there. Only saw some photos of ships on the Mississippi. Of alligators. Of vehicles, propelling over flat water. HEAT is the title of Tom McFarlane’s artful nude composition. Maybe these HEATED atmosphere is typical for New Orleans. And looking on this black and white picture, Cajun music comes into my mind. Like Bluegrass music the Cajun music really seems to burst from vitality . The sound is frequently inked by the accordion, but of course there are also electrical guitars, violins or a National Steel / Dobro in some bands. Besides the everywhere present Afro-American influence the French zest for life is dominantly. The French Acadians in the mid-1700s had been expelled from Canada until they settled in the deep South, nearby the Bayou marshes. On their “Fais Do Do” Saturday evening parties the “Acadians” saved their original joy in life. One should protect this optimism against floods of any type with this music – and with photographies like HEAT, composed by Tom McFarlane …

New Orleans hat eine phantastische Musik hervorgebracht und fast hundert Jahre in Gang gehalten. Die Hitze dieses Schmelztiegels war befruchtend, belebend für Künstler, Einwohner, Touristen. Das Foto des leider zu früh verstorbenen Tom McFarlane, das er mir, als er noch lebte, freundlich in meine Foto-Gruppen schickte, ist mir wie ein Sinnbild dieser Atmosphäre ins Langzeit-Gedächtnis gesickert. Es ist eine Schande, dass nach der fürchterlichen Katrina Flut-Katastrophe zynisch an einer Veränderung der ethnischen Vermischung gearbeitet wird: aus New Orleans werden arme Schwarze indirekt verdrängt, für reiche Weiße werden Bauvorhaben gesponsert …

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