History Of Horses

When the horses were allowed to live without mankind, it was good for them. But then a long history of wars and transport oppressed them. I will never forget the long row of blind coal mine horses 1945 in Germany marching to the butcher. Perhaps now the horses at least in Mongolia have a good life.
Адуун цуваа
title=”Адуун цуваа” – photo by goznaraw = Gantulga Ganzorig, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr.com
Gantulga Ganzorig inspired me to use the same format 1600×400 testing the new possibilities of the changed design at flickr.com – click on the picture to enter my own photo galleries there:
title=”tunnel of light” – monorail / hanging tram in my hometown Wuppertal / Germany … – at first (before 1900) horses had to pull the trams in Wuppertal…
no more horses on the street in modern times – but cars, and the cars become longer and longer – but not the streets, narrow as ever; so I came too late to a cafe where I had to play guitar: a stretched limousine blocked the street, could not turn around (it had been better, if some flexible horses had been there instead …)

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