Weekly Photo Challenge: SHADOW

Buildings, cities and states – or plants, animals and human beings: they all have their ups and downs. They have their sunlight and their shadows. Their joyful periods and the sad times. At first they are growing, at least they will tumble down. This abandoned factory does not exist anymore. Gone. New, higher buildings on the same ground now. Only this photo helps to remember. And the sunlight on the floor, like a last breath of an animal. Oh those windows! Like the eyes to the soul of a great room. A ballroom, dance floor, or a café – a library, no, it was a trains’ repair station. And the times were slowly, slowly like the wandering shadow on the floor. No hectic in this afternoon, as I placed for an hour my chair on this sunlight carpet with shadow ornaments.

Loft Light
title=”Loft Light” by Frizztext, on Flickr

abandoned factory+a road of light

the other frizztext contributions for the weekly photo challenge of postaday2011 via wordpress:

title=”hammock” by Frizztext, on Flickr
we are never alone on a sunny day; then we have our close friend, the shadow, the whole day, like an angle or a good friend; even things have their friends on sunny days:
title=”my friend Klaas, shadow throwing” by Frizztext, on Flickr + an erected speaker, even things have a penis!
shadow throwing+erected speaker

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