Dialogue with Argentina

It’s a great chance, that bloggers and photographers are able to have dialogues in these modern times so quickly: Some decades ago it was not so easy to find each other. So Claudio Mufarrege from Argentina discovered my autobiography at https://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2011/04/06/german-biography/ and kindly wrote: “I really admire the strength and the determination that have led you to be yourself, my friend. I really admire you, Dietmar…” [June 14, 2012 at 8:46 pm] P.S.: I like the essays of the philosopher Hannah Arendt (Die Banalität des Bösen) about the trial vs. Adolf Eichmann in Israel; the man who adopted me, was a kind of Adolf Eichmann

The Long Goodbye (tribute to Raymond Chandler)
title=”The Long Goodbye” (tribute to Raymond Chandler) photo-composition by Claudio.Ar, click on the image to enter his galleries on Flickr

my reply to him: “Life is sooo long, dear Claudio! And so many things are happening in a lifetime. And I can’t forget too, dear friend Claudio in Argentina, that my daughter, aged 25, traveled alone from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires, sometimes on horses, sometimes walking, a wolf followed her, sometimes with old buses, sometimes with a TAXI for free: She made wonderful photos in Argentina featuring selfmade houses – she is an architect, on the one hand rational, but I am considering, what other moods she was feeling on that long trip …”

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