Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Weekly Photo challenge: ESCAPE: Moving in New York sometimes is better by bike or by using a skateboard as calculated with the car. Since there are ever waiting times – like here on the Brooklyn Bridge during rush hour. Take a train. Or as for the upper class: a helicopter.
photo by frizztext, click on the picture, to enter my galleries on flickr
– more of my New York impressions: https://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/new-york-photo-book/
“the ardent oceanic” commented there: “… One of my greatest joys in NYC is to make it across the Williamsburg bridge faster on my skateboard than the people in their cars.”
the NYC resident Allyson (scroll down) comments: “… I do promote the bike as a more maneuverable form of transport here. But, of course, having your own heliport to fly to and from the City with your hair in the wind is so much more NYC dramatic. Yes, the upper you want to go from the traffic, the “upper” you must be…”
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my comment there: The risk for photographers is always to end up in kitsch or getting stuck in the cliché. The message is usually much more important than artisan details… following bravely to your [Cheri Lucas] topics at the Weekly Photo Challenge, I see clearer now, step by step, which are the most interesting topics / terms / tags / messages – many of your ideas have been inspiring – thank you for that!
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