Living with digital communication nowadays we maybe sometimes remember with sadness of the days of old, when a hand-written letter was brought to us by a postman. The rite of opening, reading fast at first time, slowly a second, maybe a third time …


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this post “LETTERS” originally was the only idea

of my friend Wolfgang Hermann, Austria:
the letter
photo THE LETTER by http://www.flickr.com/people/wolfgangfoto/

Wolfgang Hermann comments (in German):

eine inzwischen veralterte form der mitteilung

dabei war es so spannend wenn man einen brief erhielt, nachsah von wem er kam, versuchte zu erraten was drinnen stand , den brief schließlich öffnete und ihn überflog und dann nochmals in ruhe durchlas

Please Mr. Postman look and see, if there’s a letter, a letter for me,
you got to wait a minute, check out if there’s a letter for me, please Mr. Postman …

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