This could be the last time

by Frizztext

Well this could be the LAST TIME
This could be the last time
Maybe the last time
I don’t know. Oh no. Oh no
comment by Hendrik van Leeuwen in my Flickr photo stream about the three videos:
“I enjoyed the different versions. Never knew the song had such a tragic origin.
I also smiled to see how ‘civil’ the crowd behaves at the Stones performance.
frizztext reply: yes, the second video presents a thought-provoking slide show of slavery historical documents – drawings, wallpapers etc. – The spiritual started about 1885 as a protest vs. slavery. The Rolling Stones version makes the content flat – the lyrics are only related to a (bad and sad) love story …
listen to:
Last Time – Blind Boys of Alabama

This may be the last time – The Staple Singers (with history of slavery slide show)

version by the Rolling Stones (the famous guitar riff played by Brian Jones)



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