For Brazil

I hope the protests on the streets in Brazil lead quickly to the fact that the leaders bring about an improvement in the education and health system. The dollar billions from oil production should not be wasted entirely for soccer games.
Christ's view, bird's eye by Lightbender
Christ’s view, bird’s eye, a photo by Lightbender / Randall Hobbet, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

Let me play on my guitar as a tribute to Brazil my Gypsy version of Luiz Bonfa’s famous Orfeo Negro / Black Orpheus:

frizztext in Portuguese 🙂
Espero que os protestos nas ruas do Brasil levar rapidamente para o fato de que os líderes trazer uma melhoria no sistema de educação e saúde. Os bilhões de dólares de produção de petróleo não deve ser desperdiçado inteiramente para jogos de futebol.

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