Shopping cheers me up!
title=”Shopping cheers me up!” by amarcord108
document from Paris, 1961
This photo gives me a flashback to my youth! About 1963 I longed to drive such a car! But even that minimum was much too expensive for me and my family! The driver’s wheel was fixed on the front-door. When you tried to get into that “car”, it was something like to enter a sardines’ tan. But it was possible nevertheless, to buy much and carry all the things away. At first: fix it on the roof top of the car. IKEA customers often are using the same trick even nowadays.  Thanks to “amarcord108”, who sent the document to my group BLOG IT!. He made this shot in Paris. He at first did not know, that this car’s name was ISETTA. From the famous BMW-engineers in Munich, Germany. Nowadays their cars are again much too expensive for me 😦

3) me on top of my very first car 1965 —- 4) my wife Barbara 2009
time-line documents+our Cadillac surrogate
5) Bubble cars at Gould’s Microcar Event 2009 at youtube:

they are still driving those cars in Germany, found one in the old city of SOEST:
small BMW cars for narrow streets, built in the sixties;
entrance via front-door …
Germany 1953
title=”Germany 1953″ by juliealicea1947, on Flickr

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