Today is my birthday

Today is my birthday (born 1945), without knowing that kindly blues harp player Gernot added his harp again to one of my guitar tracks – a wonderful gift, I hope you like it too…

about my little guitar tribute to Подмосковные вечера (Moscow Nights) – there was a remake by Kenny Ball in the sixties too as “Midnight in Moscow” – I got an e-mail by Andrey Shilov: “This song is known in the West under the name MOSCOW NIGHTS, though in Russian it is not Moscow… Its title is “Подмосковные вечера” what means EVENINGS IN THE MOSCOW SUBURBS…”
I’ve never been in Moscow, but I feel today like a cat in a winter palace / Palais d’Hiver = Зимний дворец :
Actually I’m drawing my personal sketchbook for my grandchildren… – click on the picture to enter my flickr galleries
my today’s drawing:
today is my birthday, I was born 1945. So many things happened since then. For example in the fifties in my hometown: a little elephant, his name was Tuffi, fell out of the monorail down into the water… he stayed unhurt, firemen pulled him out of the water; I heard he later was sold to a circus in France, at last he died after eating a little bottom of French perfume in a Zoo…

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