Black is the color

My instrumental tribute to an old Scottish folk song, read more about the history at wikipedia: Black Is the Colour (Of My True Love’s Hair. There are many versions on YouTube, I was excited by the version of Nina Simone, but there are many interesting versions uploaded from UK too. I had to change the strange Scottish rhythm to make it more bluesy. Now waiting for some vocals, banjos, fiddles or bagpipes to join the session … – I’m very amused by the possibilities of the modern technologies: an hour later I found vocals, suddenly uploaded by the Scottish musician Ian McAulay / Babbazitt – as if we had been together in the same pub on this Sunday afternoon (a day later the bass player jmrukkers from Zurich joined):

this was the Scottish version, but the US-version was changed a lot over the decades (I’ll try my own second version soon), US example: Nina Simone, in the second part a guitarist introduces his own, different version:


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