Black Eyes

“Black Eyes” or in France known as “Les Yeux Noirs” is a Gipsy jazz standard. I tried to play a simple version:

photo by frizztext: I like to meet musicians. They are ambassadors of their nations’ culture. The musician with hat (left) is Errol O. Johnson (Jamaica / UK) – on the right side (blond sax player) – he is a refugee from Russia – he (I believe Juri was his name) escaped from the war in Afghanistan, so he spent some years in prison for that failure in Moscow – and is now happy to be free in Germany… in the middle: a female listener of the two, she came from Turkey, selling pearls and diamonds …

“Dark Eyes” (Russian: Очи чёрные, Ochi chyornye; English translation: Black Eyes; French translation: Les yeux noirs) is probably the most famous Russian romance.”

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