Guttenberg Plagiarism Disaster

latest news by the SPIEGEL: Guttenberg copied intentionally –,1518,761181,00.html “the University of Bayreuth said that he copied intentionally …”

Guttenberg copied intentionally

Guttenberg has withdrawn. The Secretary of Defense could defend bit by bit his plagiarism deception no more. All manoeuvres and counter-threats reached to an end. One remembers Möllemann or Barschel. Nevertheless, this end is to be advised medically rather. The life must not be biologically also at the end. Spiritually maybe. Socially maybe – although there are always much enough admirers of the nobility, even if he swindles with pleasure.
compare: German minister quits amid plagiarism scandal ( + Guttenberg is toast – a tribute to the power of the internet (

Guttenberg ist zurückgetreten. Der Verteidigungsminister konnte allmählich seinen Plagiats-Betrug nicht mehr verteidigen. Alle Abstreit-Manöver und Gegen-Drohungen gelangten an ein Ende. Man erinnert sich an Möllemann oder Barschel. Das Guttenberg-Ende jedoch ist medizinisch eher anzuraten. Das Leben muss ja nicht biologisch auch am Ende sein. Geistig vielleicht. Sozial vielleicht – obwohl es gibt immer noch genügend Verehrer des Adels, auch wenn er gern hochstapelt.

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, minister of defence in the cabinet of chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, made a plagiarism, trying to get a PhD from the Bayreuth University. Now there is a big image disaster about the Dr of law title of the  baron zu Guttenberg, an aristocrat who had no problems with swindling. The whole nation debates the doctorate fraud…

Germany’s defense minister drops PhD


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