Moving Wind

The wind is a symbol for the joy of move and change. Recently I was inspired by the gallery “ways of the wind” [ bigpicture]. From Texas windmills to kite surfers in Israel, from umbrellas struck by winds in Tokyo to birds in India or “a dead donkey partially covered by the wind-swept sand” in the Sahel belt of Chad: a great visual storytelling. My own little wind gallery below [click on the 10 pictures to enter my galleries on flickr]:
1 sailship MIR from Russia
S = sailship
2 world trade center 1997 – view my photo book on blurb: New York
world trade center
3 hang gliding in the Alpes
light flight
4 risky balloon flight
5 kite surfer in The Netherlands
kite surfer
6 wind farm near Magdeburg
wind farm near Magdeburg
7 Rainy Amsterdam with umbrella artist
8 raining cats and dogs in Venice
raining cats & dogs...
9 rainy day in Manhattan – view my photo book on blurb: New York
10 red sails in the sunset – tribute to a Fats Domino song
red sails in the sunset
watch the US-“windmap”:

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