Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

HARRY, the traveler dog

Originally uploaded by Frizztext

Sun is out! Snow melt down.
All four-legged and two-legged animals
should quickly leave their houses now:
Discover all the roads again!!!

famous spring lyrics by Bertolt Brecht:
Das Frühjahr kommt.
Wach auf du Christ!
Die Toten ruhn.
Und was noch nicht gestorben ist,
das macht sich auf die Socken nun!

out of MUTTER COURAGE / Mother_Courage_and_Her_Children

me, trying to translate:
The spring comes.
You Christian, awake!
Buried are all the dead people.
And what has not died yet,
now comes along on the socks!

title=”spring-trip by Frizztext, on Flickr
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