Weekly Photo Challenge: BROKEN

Escape, 1989/Nov/9
photo by FRIZZTEXT
On August the 13th 1961 the Berlin Wall was built. On 13th August 2011 we organized a 50th anniversary of the Iron Curtain. Many people broke through the wall with cars, others built balloons or tunnels. Many refugees were killed by East German soldiers before they could reach West Germany. The graffiti of Birgit Kindler became a great symbol for the wish, to break the wall. The Berlin Wall fell 1989. The two Germanies joined – with no blood shed, no death toll; peaceful. We all are proud, that we managed to break the wall …
To escape is one of the most creative methods of mankind. Wall painting, Berlin, Germany, featuring the fall of the “iron curtain”, which brought the reunification of East and West Germany: breaking through: the East German automobile product TRABI / Trabant
The Trabant Wall is painted by Birgit Kinder – More infos about Birgit Kinder: www.birgitkinder.de/ – Infos East Side Gallery
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