The Flight Of Icarus

I would like to give this improvisation of the Scottish / Dutch e-guitarist Babbazitt / Ian McAulay the title THE FLIGHT OF ICARUS – let’s hope that the sun won’t kill this modern ICARUS. I asked Ian McAulay if he could help me to convert the Latin jazz standard Orfeo Negro / Black Orpheus into something new. At first I started with some humming and changed the traditional Bossa Nova rhythm to a kind of Gypsy rhythm.
Thanks to the photographer BENOIT JAMMES who sent this composition to my group BLOG IT; title=”[o-o]” by SisiMissa = Benoit Jammes, on Flickr, click on the photo to enter his galleries!
Below: Ian McAulay on his e-guitar and me, humming to my Gypsy rhythm guitar:


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