Call me the breeze

I like the music (and the character) of the guitarist J.J. Cale. Once I enjoyed a long TV documentation. Saw his tour bus, interviews, places he had been. Heart touching: He, back in the town where he went to school. Played on the main place of the city. Only some birds listened. Maybe one day I will go back to the town where I went to my school. To play guitar there without any audience. J.J. Cale: he is really cool!
photo by Barbara F.
I found on youtube the soundtrack of CALL ME THE BREEZE, uploaded by “soulEYE143” – he visualized the song adding a slide show featuring some white cowgirls posing. Another user maybe would collect black women or a female person maybe black or white man? Or maybe a slide show with touring motor-homes on the roads of Texas?

JJ Cale – Call me the breeze

chords: E – – – / A – E – / B7 A E – /
“they call me the breeze, I keep rollin’ down the road, I ain’t got me nobody, I ain’t carry no heavy load…” (lyrics by J.J. Cale)

in Tulsa (?) out of the J.J. Cale film by Jörg Bundschuch, 2004.

G /// B7 /// Em /// C /// G Bm Em C – G D7 G /

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