Double Talk And Guitar Lesson

My Spanish teacher for classical guitar, Cristina Rico from Valencia, she tried to teach me, how to play THE ENTERTAINER (by Scott Joplin on ragtime piano) as an arrangement for classical guitar. Maybe because it was much too difficult for me to follow her, was the reason, that I didn’t followed her instructions, but on the other hand made a comment with a nonsense language while recording her perfect performance on my multitrack home recorder.

20 years ago. Now a listener at soundcloud, Corey Fischer, told me, that my idea is called DOUBLE TALK and was used by comedians in Vaudeville theaters hundred years ago. I didn’t know that. At wikipedia they write, that even complete interviews were given in “Double Talk” = Bafflegab, Bloviation, Doublespeak, Gobbledygook, Malapropism = related:
My wife B. took this photo, featuring one of my guitar lessons; we made a home recording of Cristina’s repertoire too and after producing a master tape with my recorded tracks she released a CD. On the other hand she showed in our kitchen how to cook typical Spanish meals…

when my daughter read my today’s blog post, she sent me an audio-track, featuring her little son, practicing “baby-talk” – though he is able to talk normal language – it just was his joke, aged 3; maybe he got some nonsense transmitted by his grandpa…

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