Travel theme: Bridges

Ailsa at wheresmybackpack – travel-theme: bridges inspired many bloggers to post the topic BRIDGES. Though I prefer usually to analyze the metaphorical content of those basic experiences: below are some real bridges – in Venice. Maybe they have also been bridges in a metaphorical sense for me: understanding one of my daughters, who studied and married there; helping us, coming from North Europe, to love Italian lifestyle, history, creativity, friendly and positive communication, meals as a feast etc.
Santiago Calatrava's new bridge for Venice
2looking through ...3the bridge
5 photos above by frizztext, click on the pictures to enter the galleries on
maybe you have time to enjoy my Venice slide show – music in the background: me, on guitar, trying to play J.S. Bach on my Western guitar, steel strings: BWV 999 praeludium / prelude in D minor

and what about metaphor & music? well a prelude is a bridge into the next. if you had time to listen, then you’ll have noticed, that in the prelude I was searching with my hesitating fingers for only one certain point, the entrance door into the next, the bigger part of the composition…



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