Israel vs. Iran

photo by Iain McLauchlan at flickr

Israel is considering, how to attack Tehran’s nuclear facilities. Maybe only two small attacks vs. some nuclear plants. But the question is: How would Iran react THEN? Maybe the whole Arabian world? Of course I think it’s better, to stay calm and make diplomatic negotiations instead of involving military. Not good: the German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently delivered a high tech submarine (ready for nuclear rockets) to Israel. A bad sign in times of tension. The German Nobel literature laureate Günter Grass wrote a poem titled “It Must Be Said” criticizing Israel’s plans vs. Iran. Now most of the German newspapers and talk-show guests are criticizing Günter Grass as “anti-semitic”. I think, though Iran made some very cruel statements vs. Israel: it should be allowed, to criticize escalation in this region.
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Günter Grass

Günter Grass (Photo credit: Sebastian Niedlich (Grabthar))

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