Somalia Pirates

Pirates Surrender to Royal Marine Boarding Teams – this time British military tries to organize law and order; other times Dutch or other European ships try to do the job. Actually in Germany, Hamburg, ten pirates from Somalia are accused for piracy. Dutch military brought them to Germany. They had made an attack (Easter-Monday 2010) against the German ship TAIPAN. What to do with them? It is difficult. Many years into prison? To send them back is not allowed, the human rights situation is not bad in Germany. But to solve the real problem, the gap between rich and poor nations, that seems to be nearly impossible

Pirates Surrender to Royal Marine Boarding Teams
title=”Pirates Surrender to Royal Marine Boarding Teams” by Defence Images, on Flickr, view above, friendly sent to my group BLOG IT! This image is available for non-commercial, high resolution download at subject to terms and conditions. Photographer: MoD Image 45149776.jpg from


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