Photo Of The Day

Leaving “Sardine Cities” (link 1) we can meet some animals living in peace: Eduardo Amorim’s horses, photo of the day below; sometimes animals wonder, what we are doing: for example the camels watching a hot air balloon (link 3)
title=”Domingo…” photo of the day by Eduardo Amorim, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr
other photos, found via my daily “PHOTOGRAPHY” news page at or via my twitter stream
1 – Sardine City

2 – Henna Tattoos

3 – Balloon With Camels
my tip of the day, telegraph reportage: cat and grandma
whereas the photos above introduce a divided world of human vs. animals, the reportage below features a wonderful coexistence:
just the door bell rang. An inspector wanted to know, if we own a dog. Actually they take rising taxes on dogs. Soon, for sure, they will take a big tax on cats too. Our cat was silently hiding behind my legs, when the tax man was making his interview. It’s a good strategy to be shy sometimes; and it’s not easy to protect the last fragment of nature in our Sardine cities …

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