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144 German University Professors of theology have signed a statement against the duty of celibacy for priests.

[Sugar] pray
[Sugar] pray
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That statement is related to the discovery of widespread sexual and physical abuses by clergymen last year.

In all the debates over the decades of unpunished sexual abuse by Catholic clergy in Germany always the representatives of the Catholic Church vehemently denied any causal connection between sexual abuse and clerical celibacy. They denied that the celibacy mandatory could be one of the reasons for those frequent sexual transgressions of the Catholic clergy, abusing children. But such an understanding interpretation is a basic knowledge of each psychoanalytic discussion. One had the impression, that the vassals of fundamentalist Catholicism would prefer to abolish completely the discipline of psychoanalysis as a work of the devil. In my opinion rather the endless brainwashing efforts of a part of Catholic moral theology should be abolished.

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Bei allen Debatten über die jahrzehntelangen ungesühnten sexuellen Übergriffe von katholischen Geistlichen in Deutschland wurde immer von den Vertretern der katholischen Kirche vehement abgestritten, dass jene Zölibatspflicht in ursächlichem Zusammenhang mit den häufigen sexuellen Übertretungen der katholischen Geistlichkeit zu sehen sei. Solch eine Einsicht ist aber Basis-Wissen jeder psychoanalytischen Erörterung. Man hatte den Eindruck, die Vasallen des fundamentalistischen Katholizismus hätten gern die Forschungsrichtung der Psychoanalyse gänzlich als Teufelswerk abgeschafft. Meiner Meinung nach müssten eher die endlosen Verdummungsbemühungen seitens der katholischen Theologie abgeschafft werden.

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Clerical celibacy is the discipline by which some or all members of the clergy in certain religions are required to be unmarried. Since these religions consider sinful deliberate sexual thoughts, feelings, and behavior outside of marriage, clerical celibacy also requires abstention from these. In the Latin Catholic Church, clerical celibacy is mandated for bishops and, as a general rule, for priests and for deacons who intend to become priests.

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Fred Frognier
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Maybe they have the power, to
change a least one priests decision …

The Passion, Paris
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For my opinion PHILOSOPHY is a great help for people, who consider, if they should leave a system.
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