Riots Reasons

Yesterday I heard the mayor of NY city saying in TV news: We have to protect our police vs. the violence of the protesters… – hmmh? Which was first, the chicken or the egg? Who made the first anti-social step?
Greece Riots
photo about riots in Greece via by dimios the tailor sent to my flickr group BLOG IT!
After noticing the riots in Arabia and Europe (Euro crisis) as well as in the USA (Occupy Wall St. / democracy-now movement): I ask my self, who made the first anti-social step without any morality? Some tyrants in Arabia, sitting on their throne too long? Or chaotic minded Islamists using the uneducated people? As for the financial crisis: Some bankers in Europe or some rating agencies in the USA? The protesters on streets and public squares, staying a little bit too long in tents? Maybe the administrations of the cities, the police, sometimes the military? The philosopher Kierkegaard once said: “A passionate, tumultuous time will drag down everything. However a reflecting time will transform the expression of force into a dialectic feat: let exist everything, but cunningly deprive everything of its significance.”

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