CHANGE – unbreak the circle

“Will the circle be unbroken?”
change the direction!

Tea Pot originally uploaded by Frizztext

CHANGE, that was the slogan for Obama.
CHANGE – that’s what happens actually during the Arab youth revolt in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrein, Yemen, maybe Libya.
CHANGE – we all should be able to be a life long open-minded, able to change. Photographers, Bloggers, musicians know that capability very well.

A specific CHANGE mood you can find in the project

musicians from many countries joining the same song:
from USA and Italy, Russia and South Africa, France and Israel, Ireland and Brazil etc.

stand by me

one love


redemption song

war – no more trouble

Episode 47 = Gimme Shelter:

Episode 72:

A Better Place from Playing For Change on Vimeo.


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